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The view from aloft

I tried to upload some photos via e-mail. It sort of worked and sort of didn't. But I thought you might be interested to see what Siempre Sabado looks like from aloft. If you click on the photo you'll get … Continue reading

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The arts of the sailor

One of the things I like best about owning a sailboat is having a good excuse to do lots of “sailor” stuff.  I’m not talking about reefing the main or hardening up the jib or any of that kind of … Continue reading

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Where we’re at

Just in case you have Google Earth and would like to see exactly where we are, here is a link. You can then zoom out and see where all the places are that we walk to. Walmart (44 deg.39'23.40"N x … Continue reading

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We don’t need no steenking car!

Now I realize that's it's early in our time without a car and I may end up eating my words one of these days. But if I do, I'm not going to tell you about it. Anyway, right now we … Continue reading

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Digging in

Well, it’s not exactly what we thought we’d be doing right now but it’s not bad at all.  I’ll have to take back all the bad things I’ve said about Newport weather.  Not because I was wrong but because I … Continue reading

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Change of plans

Well, folks, our blog may become a little less interesting to some of you. After giving it a lot of thought we've decided that we just aren't ready to shove off this season. There are a number of issues involved. … Continue reading

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Last day of August

Just a quick note to bring you all up-to-date.  Lulu’s back at the boat cleaning up after our day of work and I need to get back down there soon. Today was pretty productive as boat work goes.  We got … Continue reading

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