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7/30/2010 – Why pencils have erasers

I certainly hope no one has been writing down our schedule because that already-messy document is about to get messier. If everything had worked out as originally planned, we would be right where we are right now, sitting at Cody’s … Continue reading

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7/29/2010 – Warm at last

Yesterday my folks, having heard that we’d changed plans and would need to get to Silverton, dropped everything and drove down to Charleston to pick us up and give us a ride. That’s like a 5 hour round trip just … Continue reading

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7/27/2010 – on second thought…

Just finished looking at the weather predictions again. We still are looking pretty good for a departure from Coos Bay tomorrow. Unfortunately, the further south we head, the worse things look, at least through the weekend. At first we figured … Continue reading

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7/27/2010 – Hmmmmm…..

Well, things aren’t looking too bad for leaving here tomorrow. Oh yeah, we didn’t leave today. As yesterday wore on I felt very rushed to get things done (like stop the cockpit sole leak) for a Tuesday departure and felt … Continue reading

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7/26/2010 – Still looking good to leave tomorrow

Our local restaurant with free wifi is closed today and tomorrow so we’re sitting at a picnic table in the restaurant’s backyard, using their wifi signal which, fortunately, they don’t shut off when they’re closed. The weather is still looking … Continue reading

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7/25/2010 – This just in

Just finished checking the weather forecasts and it looks like things will start improving tomorrow and be totally tolerable by Tuesday. So, barring a change, we plan to continue our journey south on Tuesday.

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7/25/2010 – At least we’re not in Newport anymore

We left Newport yesterday morning at about 0730. Our friends Jay and Judy were there to handle lines and see us off. It was pretty placid when we left so we were surprised to hear that the bar was restricted … Continue reading

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