12/2/2011 – Ads revisited

I’ve had a change of heart about displaying ads on my blog. I’ve removed them. Let me know if they still show up on your computer because I’m not entirely sure how this stuff works. However, I decided that I couldn’t, in good conscience, rant on about runaway consumerism and then turn around and help the very forces of evil that promote this consumerism. Could some ads be helpful to readers? Maybe, if I knew how to manipulate and control the ads better. But the fact is that I can simply embed a link to some product that I particularly like and, if I don’t, I know you are all smart enough to use Google to find stuff yourself.

I’d supposedly already made $42.00 from people clicking on my ads (although I’m not sure where that money is) so it’s not just a case of sour grapes. I just started feeling very hypocritical. This is not meant to cast aspersions on anyone who does choose to display ads
and thereby tap into the fat cats’ purses, I just choose not to.


About sryoder

Steve & Lulu... retired. Had enough of the cold wet dreary fall/winter/spring in the Pacific Northwest. Bought a boat, fixed it up, sold our home and sailed to Mexico in November, 2010. Been here ever since except for occasional forays to the States (summer only, thank you) to visit the kids, parents and siblings. If you're looking for a sailing blog, this is the wrong place. This is a traveling, hunkering in, eating blog. Sailing is just how we get from place to place when we can't walk.
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7 Responses to 12/2/2011 – Ads revisited

  1. bob says:

    Amen.Not on my blog either.bobs/v EolianSeattle

  2. Good on you Steve. Dani and I decided long ago that we would never post ads on our blog, nor have a donation link like so many others. We always felt it was in poor taste.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Steve, I have a different take on ads. As you know it's not a lucrative way to make a living for most people. I certainly don't. But, it does provide some passive income to buy an item for the boat or maybe pay for a months worth cell/internet use on board or yes buy me a beer or two. Just like one day when my boat was getting pounded against a dock another boater came along and gave me a hand and bought over one his fenders to add to mine. I bought him a bottle of rum for his help and efforts. I did not need to it but, I felt it would be a nice gesture. When a person comes to my blog and I've helped them somehow with something I've written or provided some information useful to them. Since they can't physically buy me a beer I view it as the next best thing. Even if it takes a month or two to get enough revenue to buy that beer. It's the thought that counts :)and I always give a toast to those who did.

  4. Lots of room in the world for lots of different viewpoints and they probably all have some validity. Lulu was glad that I nixed the ads because she said they "just didn't seem like you".-Steve

  5. Anonymous says:

    That is true. It is not like you at all. Love, Mom

  6. From Dani: Yeah, i've thought about it, and mainly I don't think we want ads on our site because I don't like them on other people's site. If I like something i'll mention it and maybe put the link in the blog. But just various ads cluttering up the look of the blog..unappealing. I for one never ever click on ads..anywhere. I have to imagine there are many others like me.

  7. I didn't like the ads either, I wondered how one gets paid and finally although I don't yet know you and Lulu as well as Keith does by now, I didn't think they sounded like something in line with your life thinking either! Good for you to admit your feelings and remove them. And none are showing up now.

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