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5/30/2012 – Anticongelado leak

We’ve been losing antifreeze every time we run the engine for some time now.  The engine has never overheated as a result but this was obviously something that needed attention.  Since we have some time here in the marina, today … Continue reading

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5/29/2012 – Best Chinese coleslaw ever!

I’m sure that everyone has a recipe for Chinese coleslaw or Chinese chicken salad or some equivalent.  You know, the salad that has cabbage, slivered almonds, sunflower seeds and uncooked ramen noodles.  It’s a potluck staple but we still love … Continue reading

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5/27/2012 – A lazy Domingo

Man! We thought anchoring off the malecón in La Paz was bad.  Here at the Fonatur marina we are surrounded by large tour boats.  There’s one behind us, and three more in front of us.  So what?  Well, all but … Continue reading

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5/26/2012 – An overdue post about Puerto Peñasco

I apologize.  I see we’ve been her 5 days since I last posted anything.  For some reason I just haven’t been inspired to write.  Not sure why.  I’m hoping that by forcing myself to write today, I’ll break the block. … Continue reading

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If you just received a post with a URL as a title, trash it. It posted before I was finished. I’ll send the full post out as soon as it’s done.

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5/21/2012 – Puerto Peñasco

So far, we’re loving Puerto Peñasco or Rocky Point, as it’s also called.  That’s not to say that coming into port wasn’t a bit nerve-wracking.  We were heading to Shawn & Heather’s waypoint which was just off the entrance to … Continue reading

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Guess we chose to go to Puerto Peñasco

We arrived at Puerto Peñasco this morning after a 24 hour crossing. I updated the position report and am now trying out the wifi. Just finished reading a load of e-mails. For everyone who’s posted a comment on the blog … Continue reading

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