Guess we chose to go to Puerto Peñasco

We arrived at Puerto Peñasco this morning after a 24 hour crossing. I updated the position report and am now trying out the wifi. Just finished reading a load of e-mails. For everyone who’s posted a comment on the blog and hasn’t gotten a response, have faith. Now that I’m back in internet land I’ll get on it. Expect responses within the next 24 hours or so. Right now we need to get settled in and (most importantly) showered. Later y’all.


About sryoder

Steve & Lulu... retired. Had enough of the cold wet dreary fall/winter/spring in the Pacific Northwest. Bought a boat, fixed it up, sold our home and sailed to Mexico in November, 2010. Been here ever since except for occasional forays to the States (summer only, thank you) to visit the kids, parents and siblings. If you're looking for a sailing blog, this is the wrong place. This is a traveling, hunkering in, eating blog. Sailing is just how we get from place to place when we can't walk.
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3 Responses to Guess we chose to go to Puerto Peñasco

  1. Joan/Raymond Yoder says:

    Good you are back in civilization, where they got e mail and showers. Whoopee. Love, mom

  2. Joan/Raymond Yoder says:

    Just pulled up the map and it looks like you aren’t very far from Yuma. How far are you? No wonder it is so hot. Love, Mom

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