11/8/2012 So, what’s been going on?

Well, first, we got our Walker Bay 8 dinghy.  Last Monday I rode up to Nogales, AZ with a friend here in San Carlos.  She had a lot of errands to run and things to buy for various gringos in SC but, after we’d completely filled her little SUV, we stopped at a mail drop/storage place and picked up our new dink.  I was so happy to see it there as I wasn’t sure until I asked that it had really made it.  It was very easy to hoist it on top of the SUV and tie it down using my finest examples of sailor/trucker knots.  As luck would have it, we managed to get through Customs without the need to pay duty on it.  Must have looked like we were just coming down to do a little fishing.

And, after my big long rant about how hard it is to get some stuff down here, there I was, in the USA with a Safeway, a non-Mexican Wal*Mart (trust me, they’re different), a Home Depot, and who knows what all else?  This was my chance to pick up some sought after stuff.  So what did I come up with?  A 2 lb. block of Lucerne sharp cheddar cheese, a couple of bags of good coffee, a fifth of Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum, a package of Nathan’s hot dogs, 2 cans of corned beef hash, 2 cans of Ro-Tel, a block of Velveeta, some roach spray, and some whitening toothpaste for sensitive teeth.  That’s it!  But, honestly, other than maybe a second fifth of rum and more corned beef hash, I can’t really think of anything else we need/want.

Back at Siempre Sabado, I assembled the new dinghy and hoisted it to the foredeck.  With the life raft removed, it snugs down on the cabin top beautifully.  I’ll post some photos once the other crap is off the deck so the dinghy shows better.  Some may wonder why we wanted the Walker Bay.  After all, haven’t we sung the praises of our 10′ PortaBote over and over?

Well, the answer is, we still love our PortaBote.  We love the amount of interior volume you get with a 10′ dinghy.  It rows and motors beautifully and it’s practically indestructible.  So, what’s the deal?  Well, as is often heard in break-up speeches, “it’s not you, it’s me”.  The fact is, we’ve gotten too lazy to assemble and disassemble the PortaBote.  We used to tow it, which alleviated the assembly/disassembly issue, but, after nearly losing it, we decided that we’d only tow it in the absolutely most benign of conditions.  It’s much more seamanlike to disassemble and stow the dink on deck when going somewhere anyway.  However, it also means that, once you get somewhere you have to assemble the dinghy before you can go ashore.  This is not a big deal as it only takes Lulu and I about 15-20 minutes to put it together and get it in the water.  Unfortunately, we’ve been finding that, if we’re only going to be in an anchorage overnight, we don’t feel like bothering with putting the dink together only to have to take it apart before we leave in the morning.  And, at 10′ long, it’s just too long to sit on our foredeck without covering up the anchor windlass.   So, we decided we wanted a dinghy that was always together and would ride on our cabin top nicely without interfering too much.  The Walker Bay 8 was the answer.  We’ll miss the extra room but we’ll enjoy the convenience.  And, there’s a couple here in San Carlos on s/v Alegria who want to buy our PortaBote.  They’ve stuck with us through all the trials and tribulations of replacing it so I know they really want it.  We both feel good that it’ll be going to a good home with people who’ll love it and treat it right.

At the yard the past couple days, I’ve managed to finish filling the blister holes with fairing compound and have sanded the sides smooth.  Tomorrow I’ll apply 5-6 coats of epoxy barrier coating to the newly sanded surfaces and then it’ll finally be time for bottom paint.

Sorry there are no photos but I haven’t seen anything photo-worthy lately.  I mean, how many photos of filled blister holes can one look at before going crazy?

On the food front, here’s an excerpt from an e-mail I sent Lulu yesterday.  And, btw, Lulu will be back next Wednesday (Yay!).  Anyway, back to the food content:

Well, as you might have expected, I went to the Captain’s Club. Should have just had the cheeseburger. But nooooooooooo. I had to have one of the specials: Meatloaf with carrots and mush(sic) potatoes. Sounded pretty good. Cost 5 pesos more than a ribeye would have cost me at Marina Cantina tonight but, y’know. Anyway, Judy served it and it looked really good. The meatloaf was kind of loose and had little pieces of carrot and onion in it and there were two hunks of it. Nice little pile of mashed spuds with a crater of gravy. Also gravy on the meat. Carrots were nicely browned but looked like they might have a sweet glaze.

 Took a forkful of spuds and gravy and huh? Where’s the flavor? I salted everything down and tried again. Better but not really very good. Not bad but certainly not on my top 500 list of mashed potatoes and gravy. There was absolutely no umami. None, nada, zilch! What I wouldn’t have given for an anchovy or even some worcestershire sauce. Oh well, the meatloaf should be better. Nope! No umami there either. Now I’m not sure what exactly was missing but it seems to me that you have to try really really hard to make meatloaf taste that bland. No meat taste at all. It would be really interesting to have watched them make it because I don’t think I could duplicate the results no matter how hard I tried. It’s like it was almost sweet. And, speaking of sweet, the carrots were indeed glazed with a sweet sauce of some kind. This was the most uninspired meatloaf dinner that I have ever had and I ate in school cafeterias in the 50s! Unfreakinbeleivable.

Okay, that’s it for now.  Time to trek up to the Tecate store for beer and ice.


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Steve & Lulu... retired. Had enough of the cold wet dreary fall/winter/spring in the Pacific Northwest. Bought a boat, fixed it up, sold our home and sailed to Mexico in November, 2010. Been here ever since except for occasional forays to the States (summer only, thank you) to visit the kids, parents and siblings. If you're looking for a sailing blog, this is the wrong place. This is a traveling, hunkering in, eating blog. Sailing is just how we get from place to place when we can't walk.
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