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2/28/2013 – Blowin’ in the wind

That’s where they say the answer is, my friends. If so, we should have considerably more answers than questions after the last week or so. Everyone is getting a chance to test their ground tackle and anchoring techniques this week. … Continue reading

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2/24/2013 – Paybacks

We moved back to Santispac from El Burro Cove a few days ago. El Burro was okay but it’s a small bay and it gets shallow so soon that it’s hard to get in far enough to be really protected … Continue reading

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2/19/2013 – Sitting in El Burro Cove

Yesterday after breakfast, we decided to opt for a little change of scenery by motoring down to El Burro Cove which is still inside the larger Conception Bay and only a couple miles south of Santispac, if that. It was … Continue reading

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2/15/2013 – Another day at Santispac

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and so, Lupe’s had a dinner special and a live band. We could not care less about Valentine’s Day, but the idea of having someone else make dinner, especially since we had no idea what we … Continue reading

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2/13/2013 – Things that go bump in the night (and in the daytime, too)

It’s been blowing pretty hard from the north here in Bahia Concepcion. It’ll die down a little now and again but it pipes back up in pretty short order. Here at Playa Santispa, we’re fairly well protected from the north … Continue reading

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2/12/2013 – Just sittin’ at anchor

First things first: Happy Birthday, Dad! We don’t have internet access right now out here at anchor so I can’t Skype you. But I wanted you to know I was thinking of you. We heard on the Geary’s weather report … Continue reading

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2/11/2013 – Photos from Santispac & Mulege

The internet connection started working agin so, if you haven’t already, you should go back and check out the Photos from Punta Chivata post. ┬áIt’s been updated with more photos.              

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