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7/29/2013 – A different kind of Dolphin

One of our goals for this year’s return to the U.S. was to find and buy a Toyota-based RV, like a Dolphin, a Minnie Winnie, Chinook, etc.  I’d been watching Craig’s List since last November to get a feel for … Continue reading

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7/28/2013 – We’ve escaped! Please don’t pay the ransom!

Because, obviously, being kidnapped is the only feasible explanation for why I haven’t written anything since the 10th.  But, with some clever maneuvering, we foiled the kidnappers.  So, if it was you that received the ransom note, disregard it, we’re … Continue reading

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7/10/2013 – Getting ready to go on “vacation”

First off, things have improved dramatically on the propane grill front.  I’m learning the limits of this new (to me) form of cookery.  For one thing,  NO BACON DIRECTLY ON THE GRILL GRATE!  I bought a kilo of hamburger (carne … Continue reading

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7/2/2013 – This didn’t work out quite as envisioned

I never thought I’d hear myself utter the sentence, “Man! I sure am glad we ran out of bacon!”  But, sure enough, last night I said those very words. The original idea, inspired by a recipe at Serious Eats, was … Continue reading

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7/1/2013 Calypso Restaurante

An excellent way to keep the heat off the boat is by taking the no-cook idea to it’s ultimate conclusion.  I’m not talking about eating everything raw although I suppose that really is the ultimate conclusion to “no-cook”.  No, I’m … Continue reading

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