2/2/2014 – Anyone still out there?

Good grief!  It’s February already.  How the heck did that happen?  I don’t know if anyone other than my Mom is still checking this blog but hopefully there are still a few hopeful souls out there.

I know I’ve been terrible about updating the blog since we got back up to Oregon.  Actually, I guess the last real entry was just before we went to Buck Owen’s Crystal Palace in Bakersfield.  Shame on me. Bad blogger!  Not sure what my problem was.  Seemed to have plenty of time to binge-watch season 4 of Downton Abbey but not enough time to update the blog occasionally.  But, now that we’re back on the road, I’m hoping to get better.  We’re actually staying an extra day here in Bandon, Oregon, mostly so I’ll have a chance to get caught up.

OK, hopefully without getting too long-winded, here’s an update on what’s been happening since December 13, 2013.

We did visit the aforementioned Crystal Palace for their “famous” Sunday brunch.


The brunch was good in that we got to have all the various gringo breakfast items that we’d been missing all in one breakfast.  The downside was that, to really get our money’s worth, we would have had to partake of the “complimentary” mimosas or champagne.  We passed as there was a fair piece of driving ahead of us that day.  Also, to really do good, we would need much larger appetites so we could get our money’s worth in the “all-you-can-eat” arena.  But, nevertheless, it was pretty enjoyable.  And I don’t even like Buck Owens.  Always figured Hee-Haw would have been just fine without him.  And when he started pandering to the right wing by uglifying perfectly nice guitars, well that was pretty much it.  But, we were in Bakersfield and, since there wasn’t much else to see or do, Buck’s place was pretty much the place to go.


Besides, who could pass up an opportunity to feast their eyes on this beauty?


From Bakersfield, we headed sort of towards the coast and drove up through the wine country of Napa and St. Helena.  Beautiful drive and very little traffic.  We spent the night just south of Willits.  This was the coldest night of the trip so far.  We woke to frost on everything and, when we went into town for breakfast, our tires crunched through the ice-covered puddles in the parking lot.  Time to don the long johns.

We made one more stop along the coast (Bandon, Oregon) before making our first major landfall in Eugene.  We visited my folks, my sister and her family and our son and daughter-in-law and, most importantly, our grandson, Neil.


The next day we finished the run up to our daughter’s home (our old house), which is where we spent the majority of our time while in Oregon.

We spent our time commiserating with Cody, who was in the final two weeks or so (turned out to be closer to three weeks) of her first pregnancy, watching various TV shows we’d bought, doing a little bit of Christmas shopping, doing some chores around the old homestead, and trying to keep warm.  We spent Christmas in Eugene and New Year’s Eve in Silverton.  In spite of our complaining about how cold it was, we could not have asked for a better winter to return to the Pacific Northwest.  Except for a fairly cold first week (for you Bumfuzzle fans, our stay was nothing in comparison to what they’re dealing with in Minnesota), and a little bit of rain, we mostly had pretty mild temperatures and very little rain (much to Oregon’s chagrin).  And, as a bonus, throughout much of January we were experiencing a temperature inversion.  This usually is not a good thing since the valleys are filled with cold, grey fog that never seems to lift and the smoke from the woodstoves gets trapped down low.  However, Cody & Scott’s place is not in the valley.  Rather, at 2000′ we experienced day after day of sunshine and blue skies and very mild temperatures.  Made it kind of a drag to have to go down into the valley for doctor’s appointments and such but it sure was nice to break out of the fog into bright sunshine on the trip home.

Cody’s baby was due on January 7th.  She didn’t finally arrive until January 13th.  Little Wyatt Rosemary’s birth was not easy on either Mama or Baby but she got here nevertheless, healthy if not particularly happy.


She did cheer up a bit as time went on but she still has a healthy temper which she shows when things aren’t quite meeting her expectations.



As Lulu said when Cody, Scott and Wyatt came home from the hospital, “There’s a new boss in the house.”

During the time we were at Cody and Scott’s, we managed to get a few of our own projects completed.  I finally connected Flipper’s solar panels to the camper’s charging system and reconfigured some of the interior storage for better efficiency.  Lulu re-did our bunk with sleeping bags and an insertable sheet liner to replace the conventional setup we had been using.  Nothing like trying to make a bed which is flush to the walls on 3 sides, while you’re kneeling on the bed.  The sleeping bag setup is much more user-friendly.  We enjoyed visiting our old home.  Who wouldn’t when you can look out the window and see this:



However, when we woke up on January 31st and looked out and saw this, we knew it was time to leave:



In the interest of full disclosure, the weather started to improve shortly after this photo was taken.  But still, the timing was perfect.

We spent our first night on the road in Eugene.  That’s right, we traveled a whole 70 miles!  Had dinner with Lucas, Julia and Neil and then had breakfast yesterday with my sister and her husband (Beverly & Nick).  Then we hit the road again with our goal being Bandon on the southern Oregon coast.  We doubled our first day’s mileage.  Bandon is a whopping 140 miles from Eugene.  The trip wore us out so much we decided to stay an extra day.  Actually, we’re staying for two reasons.  One is that the RV park we’re in (Bandon RV Park – how’s that for a clever name?) is an easy walk away from downtown.  The weather is gorgeous and so, we want to take advantage of being here by walking around and poking our noses into a few stores, maybe stop for a bowl of chowder and, who knows, maybe even a brew or two.  The second reason was to get this blog written.  When we’re on the road, I tend to fall behind a bit.  Once we arrive at a campsite,  I seldom feel like sitting down at the keyboard (assuming we have wifi) and, the next morning we generally have breakfast and then hit the road.  It’s even worse if I fall behind and have that much more that I think I have to write.  On this trip, I’m going to try to get in the habit of writing about the day before during my first cup of coffee in the morning, between the time that I roll out of bed and the time that Lulu does.  We’ll see how it goes.

OK, that’s it.  Let me just leave you with some random shots of our grandchildren.  The bigger one is Neil, our grandson, and the tinier one is Wyatt, our granddaughter.  They are exactly 5 months apart in age.


IMG_1998 photo IMG_2016

IMG_2005 20140126_100458 IMG_2015




About sryoder

Steve & Lulu... retired. Had enough of the cold wet dreary fall/winter/spring in the Pacific Northwest. Bought a boat, fixed it up, sold our home and sailed to Mexico in November, 2010. Been here ever since except for occasional forays to the States (summer only, thank you) to visit the kids, parents and siblings. If you're looking for a sailing blog, this is the wrong place. This is a traveling, hunkering in, eating blog. Sailing is just how we get from place to place when we can't walk.
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18 Responses to 2/2/2014 – Anyone still out there?

  1. Curt says:

    I grew up in Oregon and now live in Juneau Ak. Love the stories. Our sailboat is on Portland and my wife and I are about a year away from sailing to Mexico to enjoy the warm weather too!

    • sryoder says:

      Good on ya, Curt. You’ll love Mexico and it looks like all the Temporary Import Permit hassles have died down. When we lived in Silverton we kept our first boat at Pleasant Harbor Marina in Brinnon, WA, on the Hood Canal. Thought that 5-hour drive was bad. But having your boat in Portland and yourself in Juneau’s got me beat. Hope the rest of the winter doesn’t treat you too badly.

  2. wyndcutter says:

    You are in Craig’s old town (dad lives on old baits road South side of old town … right down from the price and pride market..look for ocean spray sign! Best place to watch Super Bowl is at the arcade tavern across from boat basin Also good fish and chips down the street on basin side and check out the face rock cheese factory and the cranberry candy and art store next to arcade! We were just there (a month ago!) Hugs! Craig and carol

    Sent from my iPhone

    • sryoder says:

      I didn’t realize that Craig was from Bandon. Cool little town, especially when it’s bright and sunny like it is today. We had fish and chips at the Bandon Fish Market yesterday. I suspect that’s where you’re thinking of. The Face Rock Creamery is across the street and a few blocks down from the RV park we’re in. Haven’t gone there yet. Just finished wandering around town taking pictures, buying ourselves some new coffee mugs, a new hat for me and some fancy socks for Lulu. Lulu’s doing laundry right now and then we’ll head back to town for some oyster stew at the Wheelhouse and a couple of brews at one of the taverns. The Superbowl is not a big attraction for us. Matter of fact, we didn’t even know it was SB Sunday until a shop owner mentioned it.

  3. Such cuties! I don’t know how you can bear to leave them, frankly. But I guess that brief brush with snow put the fire under you. Glad things turned out ok for your daughter and new grand baby. They are both simply divine!

  4. bevhquilter says:

    Glad your Bandon time is pleasant. Cold and overcast in Eugene today. Thanks for helping me with my own blog. My dashboard didn’t look quite the same as yours for some strange reason, but I worked it out ok, and was able to insert pictures where I wanted them. Your pics are really great!

  5. joan yoder says:

    Yes, your Mom was able to find your blog. You can’t get away from me. Warmish in Parker,Az. When the sun is out but when it escapes behind a cloud it is cool. Plenty of space in the park. Looking forward to you getting here besides seeing you both, Dad and I need help on these new gadgets. His Kindle and my lap top. Love,Mom

  6. Sandy Holeman says:

    Oh Steve and Lulu! Thank you so much for the super great photos of the babies. You both look so happy, and seeing you and babies and Luke and Cody? Well, I just can’t wipe the big grin off my face. You made my day!

    Love – Sandy

  7. Sandy Holeman says:

    P.S. Glad to see you back in BLOG mode. keep up the good work!

  8. Victor Raymond says:

    Wow Steve and Lulu, we must have been in Bandon just about the same. We did not not it er maybe you are happier that way:) Anyhow happy to hear from you again. Safe travels and hope all the hoopla in MX is blown over by the time you get back there.

    • sryoder says:

      Victor, I’m not sure what that second sentence means. You were in Bandon today? Methinks all the hoopla in MX has already blown over.

      • Victor Raymond says:

        Sorry Steve for the poor spelling. The second not should have been a know. (now that is a sentence for you.) We were in Bandon with our land yacht a few days before Christmas after working our way up from Bakersfield. Needless to say we were sorry not to meet you and see Lulu again.

      • sryoder says:

        OK, that makes more sense. We must have been in Bandon close to the same time as we got to Eugene a little over a week before Christmas. Sorry we missed you if we actually were there at the same time. Oh well, sometime, somewhere.

  9. Sharon Foster says:

    Steve and Lulu, thanks so much for the update and the great family pictures. We’ve missed your posts. We have also missed you guys in La Paz. Its been a nice winter down here so far, much warmer than last winter and quite pleasant so far. I was thinking of your trip from San Carlos to La Paz last winter, all the northers and the very cool weather. Look forward to seeing you when you return to the boat. Sharon and Al, s/v Solana.

  10. vickiel@q.com says:

    Wow Yoders you seem happy to be on the road again…Hector likes Buck Owen’s music…i should have known Buck was a redneck…just like his other favorite George Jones.(probably both dead too.) Your family is so beautiful! Vickie

  11. Bethany says:

    I’m still here! I catch up on your blog every couple of weeks. 🙂

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