8/26/2014: Day 1 – Silverton to Eugene

Finally setting out on the oft-mentioned Epic Road Trip.  The first leg didn’t really amount to much.  We just drove down to Eugene to see my folks, my sister and brother-in-law, and, of course Lucas, Julia and our great little grandson, Neil.  

We have had a really great summer getting to know our grandkids better as well as spending time with our kids.  Last Thursday, we all met in Eugene to get some photos of the 8 of us.  Scott, our son-in-law and Wyatt’s Dad, had wanted to have some professional photos taken.  But, in true Scott fashion, he didn’t think of this, or at least didn’t mention it to anyone until our very last week in Oregon.  Never mind that we had all summer to set something up.  That’s not how Scott rolls.  Cody managed to find a couple of photographers who would do the job on short notice (and after 7:00 PM) but they wanted between $250 and $500 to do it.  That’s not how I roll.  I was just as happy that the professional route didn’t work out since I really prefer a more relaxed approach.  So, armed with 3 cameras, one tripod, and dressed in our finest, we all met up at Hendrick’s Park in Eugene.  Of the 300 or so shots taken, here are a few of the better ones.


But, after 4 months for Lulu and 3 months for me, it was time to get going again.  We felt like we were kind of stagnating by not moving for so long.  So, after fixing Flipper up with new leaf springs and shocks, a new bike rack, new brakes, new oil and filters, new cushions, a new awning, as well as some strategically-placed touch-up paint, we were finally on our way.  Granted, the first leg is something less than “epic” as it only took us from the Silverton Hills to Eugene, but, as they say, “a journey of a thousand miles…” and all that.

We spent today lolling around my folks’ and sister’s places.  Lulu used my sister’s kitchen to make a bunch of granola for the trip.  Somehow I’ve never managed to convince her that breakfast is supposed to be hot and salty and, preferably, meaty and covered with gravy.  Granola? Seriously?  I drove around town and picked up various odds and ends that we needed.  And then we just took it easy and enjoyed the 90+ degree heat.  Figure we better soak it up because it ain’t gonna be like this on the coast tomorrow.

Tomorrow we head up to Garibaldi, about 2.5 hours away.  We have reservations at an RV park where we’ll meet up with our friends Brian and Barb who we met originally anchored at Playa Santispac in Baja’s Bahía Concepción.  We’ll be meeting up with several cruising buddies the first few weeks of the trip.

As to where we’re going and when, it’s all up in the air.  We have a vague, general idea but it will definitely be unfolding as we move along.  So, if you’re traveling the highways and byways over the next couple years and find yourself having to slow down for this in front of you:


Give us a friendly honk and then cut us some slack.  We’ll be pedaling as fast as we can.

Day 1: 93 miles              Trip Total: 93 miles 


About sryoder

Steve & Lulu... retired. Had enough of the cold wet dreary fall/winter/spring in the Pacific Northwest. Bought a boat, fixed it up, sold our home and sailed to Mexico in November, 2010. Been here ever since except for occasional forays to the States (summer only, thank you) to visit the kids, parents and siblings. If you're looking for a sailing blog, this is the wrong place. This is a traveling, hunkering in, eating blog. Sailing is just how we get from place to place when we can't walk.
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10 Responses to 8/26/2014: Day 1 – Silverton to Eugene

  1. We can’t wait to see you guys mid-month! We just had 3 new little goat kids born over the last few days and the cuteness factor here is pretty high! Miss you!
    – Katie and Mark

  2. Shelly says:

    What great pictures, everybody looks great! Safe travels, hope to see you again soon.

  3. MWhite:LittleCunningPlan says:

    We’ve just nominated you for The Liebster Award, because you don’t have enough going on. http://littlecunningplan.com/2014/08/liebster-award-wed-like-to-thank-you/

  4. Ken and Debra says:

    The Bums are over in that area, somewhere.

    • sryoder says:

      Yeash, I know. But I suspect our chances of crossing paths are somewhat slim. My impression is that Pat posts his blogs as soon as he can after leaving a place. That is, I doubt they were still at Rockaway Beach when his post about it came out. I might be wrong. Rockaway is only about 5 miles from Garibaldi so I suspect they are already south of where we’ll be. However, with Labor Day weekend coming up, they might want to hole up somewhere if they’ve found a spot with a vacancy.

      Our history with the Bums, while they were on their last boat, was to always just miss each other at various anchorages. One time we even passed each other on the water, going in different directions, in Baja.

      All that said, we’d love to run into them somewhere.

  5. strdon says:

    A pick me up. We could retire and live like you guys.

  6. vickiel@q.com says:

    Lovely photos. Bon voyage. It was great to see you.


  7. Al Foster says:

    “On the road again, Just can’t wait to get on the road again”
    It does get in your blood doesn’t it – very hard to stay anywhere for more than a week or two and still feel right.
    We are still on the road this summer (almost fall); we did another 1500 miles to northern MN to visit Sharon’s family. Its been almost two weeks and its definitely time to be on the road again. So another 1500 miles back to WA for a few weeks then start the long drive back to La Paz probably thru ID, UT and AZ this time. Wish we had a flipper to do the traveling in but we don’t. Guess we’ll have to catch up for a cerveza another time unless you are somewhere on our as yet to be determined route back to sunny MX Have a great year and safe travels. Al and Sharon s/v Solana

  8. Rachel says:

    Those are some great family photos, Uncle Stephen & Aunt Lulu! Nice to see them.

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