1/21/2015 – Maybe “Epic” was too strong of an adjective

Now that we’ve been out here on what we’d billed as our “Epic Road Trip”, we’ve run into so many other travelers whose trips are way more epic and yet they seem to be taking them in stride.   I guess, for us, the intended trip was epic compared to any road trip we’d ever done before.  But it pales in comparison to the many folks we’ve run into that are headed to South America after having travelled extensively through North America.  And my hat is off to all of them.

IMG 4763

Our trip got a little less “epic” the day before yesterday when we came to the mutual decision that we’re kind of burned out on being on the road at the moment.  We were at Roca Azul RV Park outside Jocotepec, where we had both just finished suffering through cold showers because, apparently, the park ran out of propane.  Not real good planning.  But anyway, we were both just a little ticked off and I think that made all the other stuff come out.  I explained it to our daughter in an e-mail by saying that, after 6 months we were tired of pooping in other people’s toilets and showering in substandard facilities.  She (naturally, being her mother’s daughter) assumed we meant the facilities at her house.  I set her straight and gelled my own feelings with this response:

NO, NO NO!  Not your toilet!  I’m talking about the ones we encounter with no toilet seats or toilet paper.  The ones where you’re not quite sure who might have been in there just before you got there.  The kind where you’re sitting in a stall taking care of business and in the next stall there is someone else and they’re making the most god-awful noises to the point where you’re not really sure what the heck they’re even doing and you wonder if this is someone you know.  I’m talking about showers with no shower heads or, if they do have one, ¾ of the holes are plugged so the water goes everywhere except where you need it to and it’s all you can do to find a portion of the stream strong enough to actually rinse you off.   And the water’s cold.  The kinds of places where there’s really no good, safe, dry place to put your clean clothes while showering.  The kinds of places that may or may not even have a shower curtain or door on the stall.  No, your bathroom is just fine.

Note: in fairness to Roca Azul, tI have to mention that he only portion of the above diatribe that applied to them was the cold shower.  And there had been hot water the day before.  Their bathrooms were just fine: toilet paper and toilet seats!  No soap or paper towels but I guess you can’t have everything.  Unless, of course, you go to Coconutz RV Park.

The upshot of our bit of miffery was that we decided right then and there that we needed a break from the road.  We still have so many places to go and see that we didn’t want this trip to sour future trips.  Now was the time to stop, before we got more disillusioned.  And, AND, besides being on the road continuously for the last 6 months, we’ve been traveling and using public facilities since we moved onto the boat back in July of 2009.  So, we’re headed back up to Puerto Peñasco to get ourselves settled in to our new-to-us little trailer/casita, the first fixed-position home we’ve had in five and a half years.  Knowing it was up there waiting for us probably increased our urge to get off the road.

So, yesterday, instead of taking the bus to Guadalajara, we beat feet north at an unprecedented rate of travel (at least for us).  Pulled in to Mazatlán around 5:00 PM, well before sunset.  We were aided by the fact that we gained an hour by traveling from Central to Mountain time zone.  We covered 340 miles yesterday, definitely a record for the trip.  And we did it while averaging around 55-60 mph, a feat accomplished at great financial cost.  In order to travel at that speed for long distances, one has to take the toll roads (the ‘cuotas’).  Tolls in Mexico are expensive as I may have ranted about before.  Yesterday, between Guadalajara and Mazatlán, we spent almost $70US on tolls.  Would have been only about $40-$50, maybe less, if we hadn’t had dual wheels on the rear.  But Mexico tolls are based sort of on weight which is based on how many tires you have touching the ground.  I can look around this RV park and see any number of rigs that are far larger than Flipper but, because they don’t have dual wheels aft, pay the same rate as a Honda Civic.  We would have paid a little more in tolls except that we opted to take the free road past the last couple of booths since we were practically where we were going by then.  Guess that’s what happens when you get in a hurry.  It’s going to cost you one way or the other.

So, what are we rushing back to?  Here are some shots of our trailer/casita.  The furnishings belong to the previous owner although I believe she left us the table and chairs:

IMG 4271

IMG 4273

IMG 4264

IMG 4265

IMG 4267

IMG 4261

IMG 4260

It will be nice to spend a few months not wondering where we’re going to be tomorrow night.  We should have our psychic batteries well charged and be once again road-ready by the time late spring rolls around.


Jocotopac to Mazatlán: 340 miles

Trip to date: 7,682 miles

If you’re jonesing for more Mexico road trip stuff, check out:

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Steve & Lulu... retired. Had enough of the cold wet dreary fall/winter/spring in the Pacific Northwest. Bought a boat, fixed it up, sold our home and sailed to Mexico in November, 2010. Been here ever since except for occasional forays to the States (summer only, thank you) to visit the kids, parents and siblings. If you're looking for a sailing blog, this is the wrong place. This is a traveling, hunkering in, eating blog. Sailing is just how we get from place to place when we can't walk.
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16 Responses to 1/21/2015 – Maybe “Epic” was too strong of an adjective

  1. Joan/Raymond Yoder says:

    May have cost a liitle more for the toll roads but you did not spend money on RV parks while doing the trip in three days as opposed to one day.

  2. cody says:

    Sounds like a good plan to me. I am looking forward to more pictures of your place once you “yodieize” it!

  3. Shelly says:

    Great decision. This looks likes good place to be to recharge and relax. To our standards, your trip and adventures have been an EPIC 5 plus years.

  4. Richard says:

    You seem epic to me! And I love the new little digs….. such fun to be able to be “home” a bit and take small road trips and to get to know your neighbors.

  5. SailVivacia says:

    Now we’re really feeling lucky to have caught up with you two when we did. Safe travels to your new home.
    Alan & Elizabeth, rebuilding the head in Barra de Navidad

  6. Happy resting, enjoy your showers and merry “business”!

  7. parrot17 says:

    The last 5 years of your life have definitely been “Epic”. And there is more to come. How will you handle all of that space?! It will be nice having you as “neighbors” up here in Sonora.

    • sryoder says:

      Thanks Kevin. We’re really looking forward to it. I figure our new digs will be almost 600 square feet. We’ll probably lose track of each other with all that room to knock around in.

  8. sailmama says:

    Wow!! We may actually meet up in San Carlos or we can check on SS for you. Crossing @ Nogales this morning and hope to make it by sunset or sooner. Let us know.

  9. MWhite:LittleCunningPlan says:

    What a cute place! yep. sounds like burnout to me and time for a break and setting down some roots, even if only to gear up for the next jaunt. That’s a sweet little place you found. Excellent rant, as usual, about public facilities. Making me oh so glad Galapagos has a shower.

  10. Nita says:

    Your place looks luxurious and your plans sounds perfect to me! I hope you will keep us updated. We enjoy the photos and stories and feeling connected! Nita and Mike

  11. Don Strong says:

    I dig the casita. Are y’all the Yoders Aground now? What about the boat?

  12. Curt says:

    What amazes me is how many friends you have made while floating like thistledown for five years. You two were so smart to snatch up that little hobbit hole when you had the chance. And Mexie-Yodie is going to be the next big thing. See ya,

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