3/31/2015 – Continuing to get entrenched

Looks like it’s been a full month since I last wrote anything.  I guess when one isn’t relocating every day or two, there just isn’t that much to write about.

Let’s see, since the last time I wrote, our friends Bill and Elli (s/v Cada Día Más) have returned to their condo out at Playa Encanto and our mutual friends Keith and Kay (s/v Chamisa) stopped by on their way back to the US from San Carlos where they had been working on their boat.  Keith and Kay were here, at the Playa Del Oro RV park for about a week.  It was a pretty eventful week as we hung out with Bill and Elli, ate out a lot, and went on Del Mar Charter’s last whale watching trip of the season.

IMG 4850

IMG 4853

We went out with our old amigo Oscar from DelMar Charters on a whale watching excursion.  Oscar’s catamaran is a very comfortable platform from which to look for whales.  We did eventually see some fin whales (second largest whale, after the blue whale) but it took until late afternoon and we had to go out 13 miles to see them.  Apparently they were starting their migration.  Oscar decided that was just too far to go so ours was the final whale watching trip of the season.  Now he’ll concentrate on sunset cruises, dive trips, snorkeling trips, etc.

IMG 4854

IMG 4855

And just so you don’t think I’m a complete schlub for letting Lulu do all the cleaning and painting while I just ran for supplies, etc, I started doing my part this month.  Using our pickup tailgate and a couple concrete blocks for a workbench, I managed to build a couple of cabinets and an ukulele hanger.

IMG 4844

IMG 4849

IMG 4886

IMG 4889

IMG 4891

IMG 4892

IMG 4894

As you can see, none of the cabinets have doors yet.  We’re still a little up in the air about the doors.  I think we’ll end up putting doors on some of the openings but leave some open.  I like the way the open cabinets look but Lulu wants doors on at least some of them.  Same goes for the existing (door-less) cupboards in the kitchen.  One thing’s for sure. If I’m going to build the doors down here, I’m going to need to buy some more clamps.  At least I’m getting used to buying lumber, etc. down here.  And, happily, it’s really no more prohibitively expensive than I remember it being up north.

On an unhappy note, during Keith and Kay’s visit, our truck got broken into and we lost our cell phone, a 1.75 liter bottle of really good tequila and, worst of all, Dora.  I imagine Dora sitting up on the dash was the initial enticement since the other stuff wasn’t really visible from outside the truck.  I made the rookie mistake of leaving the back vent windows open for ventilation while we were walking around the Old Port area.  I guess I just figured that no one would actually break the window latches.  Don’t know what I was thinking.  After I mentioned the robbery on Facebook, one woman said that it was my fault for leaving the windows open.  I beg to differ.  While my error certainly did make the theft easier, there is no way that I forced the bad guy to make the decision to break into my truck.  That’s on him.  Anyway, it could have been so much worse.  I usually have my very well-equipped tool bag in the truck.  Would have really hurt to lose that.  Or, they could have stolen the whole truck.  Also, although they got the one bottle of tequila, they left the even larger one behind because it was just a non-descript plastic jug.  The kind that water is sold in.  That’s because this is the good stuff that Arturo at Mickey’s has made for him.  They get it in big plastic jugs and just sell out of them.  The bottle that was stolen was a repurposed 1800 Añejo tequila bottle.  And, our cell phone was a prepaid “burner” phone so the thief didn’t get much there.  Well, that’s not exactly true.  He got an earful from Kay.  She called our number after the rip-off and read the guy who answered the riot act.  Told him she hopes he burns in hell.  He probably stopped answering the phone after that.  Since the robbery I don’t leave any windows open or even cracked and I also don’t leave anything visible inside.  We replaced Dora with Dora Jr. on a trip to the Phoenix area last week.  However, since we don’t need it to get around Puerto Peñasco, it’s sitting in the house until we take a trip again.

We now have a new Mexican cell phone, a real phone with a US number using Magic Jack, and a post office box in Lukeville, AZ.  So, I guess we’re planning to be here awhile.


About sryoder

Steve & Lulu... retired. Had enough of the cold wet dreary fall/winter/spring in the Pacific Northwest. Bought a boat, fixed it up, sold our home and sailed to Mexico in November, 2010. Been here ever since except for occasional forays to the States (summer only, thank you) to visit the kids, parents and siblings. If you're looking for a sailing blog, this is the wrong place. This is a traveling, hunkering in, eating blog. Sailing is just how we get from place to place when we can't walk.
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25 Responses to 3/31/2015 – Continuing to get entrenched

  1. Alan Bradley says:

    That’s a serious bummer about the truck break-in. I’m was very sorry to read that having been in that situation a couple of times myself… in the U.S.! I had no idea you were such a great cabinet maker. That house is really becoming a home. Good on ya!
    Alan & Elizabeth

    • sryoder says:

      What? Did I never show you down below on Siempre Sabado? Built or rebuilt pretty much every cabinet on her. And I hear ya about the break-in. No way I blame Mexico. I blame some jerk who decided he should have my stuff more than I should and if he has to break some of my property to get it, well so be it. Could have happened anywhere. Turns out there are Mexican jerks, too.

  2. tom says:

    Likewise, sorry to hear about the theft. Help a newby. Who or what is “Dora”?

    • sryoder says:

      Sorry Tom. That would be “Dora the Explorer” our Tomtom GPS that successfully guided us through the western US and much of Mexico. Oh, she led us astray a few times but she also led us on some cool paths we would not have otherwise known about. The new one, Dora Jr., has a smaller screen. 5″ compared to 6″ on the original Dora. Other than that, pretty much the same machine.

  3. Al Foster says:

    you guys are lookin good. love the stuff you have done to the place. you now have a real land base that’s yours and it looks great. sorry about you loss (dora); we understand ,its like a family member. also its a reminder that the bad guys are out there and we need to make sure we don’t entice them. sometimes we forget. down here in la paz all it takes is a theft in the marina and we all pay more attention; but with time we get more trusting. In the big picture it could have happened any where . But Dora, forget the tequila, I can’t imagine how violated I would feel if someone stole our “miss bossy”. It would be traumatic for sure. Can’t wait to visit you guys; hope you will visit us in green valley az again. Incidentally we would love to score a plastic jug of that local tequila. Also I never wash our truck down here, seems the policia harass dirty trucks less than clean trucks for mordita and break ins are fewer. Ciao, Al and Sharon on s/v Solana

    • sryoder says:

      I finally washed the truck the other day. It was getting kind of embarrassing. But, even when the truck is clean, it still looks shabby compared to the really spiffed-out ones around here.

      As far as the tequila goes, you may have to swing by Puerto Peñasco yourself. Customs only allows us to bring 2L per person in from Mexico. The big jug we bought was 6 liters. So, it probably won’t be coming across with us since we’d be 2L over the limit. Stupid limit!

  4. Joan Yoder says:

    Looking more and more homey.

  5. vic says:

    the world is full of deceitful liars cheats sneaks & thieves:<

  6. sailmama says:

    Love seeing photos of the progress in transforming that nifty little casita into your new home – what a cozy spot. Everything you and Lulu make is well-thought out and well-crafted. Beautiful cabinetry, especially the water shelves; Lulu’s new calendar blanket (rug?) on the wall (nice that we were there when), and the uke rack is lovely.

    Can hardly wait to see what you guys do to the rooftop deck and shady patio. So much creative fun in a beautiful place – excellent choice for a land base.

    I had forgotten about telling off that evil thief – a good day otherwise, though! Heart-warming to read comments on your blog from our ever-expanding set of mutual friends. We hope other sailors driving to/from San Carlos make time to visit you two – a great place.

    Enjoyed the old town stop and finding that old/new to us welcome plaque for our “someday house” in NM (yeah – shoulda waited to buy a beach house there – who knew?!!), tasting that amazingly smooth tequila (how did we not think to buy shot glasses in that super shop up the hill?!), going on the full Penasco tour in your perfect old/new wheels (a great buy!), sailing off on the last whale trip for this season – such happiness to be reminded of all those moments in your blog.

    The only thing missing for posterity is a description of the gastronomic pleasures of that week – maybe you should write Part Two of “the week that was”: Lulu’s poppers, Bill’s aguachile, Elli’s chocolate mousse, etc.??

    We thank you one last time for all the great memories of your 64th birthday – a perfect celebration.

    Until next time in Paradise….warm regards, Keith and Kay

  7. That’s quite a ukallection you have there and you seem to be an excellent carpenter. I’m all for the door-less cabinets.
    Poor Dora… so sad.
    So who’s Dora Jr? Is she hot?

  8. The place is coming along nicely guys! We’re really impressed with your carpentry skills, Steve! Bummer about the truck….as you said though, at least they didn’t steal the whole thing. Speaking of, our Subaru is still running like a top after her Mexican bandito adventure – oh if only she could talk! (And our two cents says leave the cabinets open!) 🙂

    • sryoder says:

      Lulu’s relenting a bit under the gentle pressure of wise commenters like yourself. We’ve agreed to leave the kitchen cabinets open as well as the top 2 tiers on the wider cabinet in the dining room. But I’ll put doors on the bottom three openings and one big tall door on the taller cabinet. It’s nice to have at least a few places where you can just stash stuff willy-nilly and not worry about whether or not it looks good. Haven’t made any decision about the shoe/water jug cabinet but, given its primary use, it might be smartest to leave it open for ease of use. We’ll see.

  9. Shelly says:

    Love your woodworking. Nothing like a little sawdust to do a person good!

  10. MarjFries says:

    Love it all & looking forward to seeing your new digs, some months out. Writing this a mile off coast, Nicaragua! Miss you! And recently D & I were discussing that your hadn’t posted lately!
    Cheers and happy living!

  11. Mary says:

    Greetings from a long-time blog reader. I see you’ve swallowed the anchor for awhile, and up in RP. So here’s my question: should a new cruiser in the Sea include a trip all the way up there, for some part of the Summer? It looks convenient, for all sorts of reasons. But it’s also….way up there. And hot. And full of shrimp boats.

    cheers, from the crew of Slappey II

    • sryoder says:

      In my opinion, unless you have some particular reason to sail up to Puerto Peñasco, I wouldn’t bother. The main reason is that, from all we’ve been told, it’s HOT and HUMID here, particularly in August and September. When we sailed up here we left in June so I can’t vouch for the veracity of this info but I have no reason to not believe it. There’s not a lot of marina facilities available although we managed to find a spot when we sailed up and others since then have as well. The water in the marinas, at least in the Fonatur marina, is very hot, electrolysis-wise. Zinc up. It’s possible to anchor out for short periods although, with the extreme tides, you’ll probably be out a long ways. Also, there’s no room to anchor in the harbor so you’d just have to be out in open water. It is convenient to the US but only if you have a vehicle. There’s a shuttle service that runs to Phoenix and maybe Tucson but that’s it. None of the bus lines go that way from what I’m told. Rocky Point is a nice place to live, if you have a vehicle but it’s not the best choice of cruising destinations unless you’re coming up for Circus Mexicus like we did back in June of 2012. Check out the blogs from then for more details.

  12. gdmobbs says:

    When we first moved to Mexico, we went to a day time party in a nice neighborhood. We had some time previously taken the GPS out of the windshield mount and put it in the glove box. Suzuki Samurai, top off. Not too smart. Some passerby went through the glove box, and found the GPS and stole it. Being an older model, the power source was actually on the windshield mount, so it was worthless without the windshield mount, which they did not steal. Also not too smart, I guess.

    Sounds like you are enjoying your new “life”. It stays nice and cool in Ajijic all summer long. Rains start in June. July through September the weather is fabulous. Just for your information. Roca Azul is about 45 minutes away from us.

  13. raoul says:

    missing your posts…. quite alot!

  14. raoul says:

    And concerts!

  15. Raoul says:

    I was wondering if a notification of a comment would pop up. Mostly I’m causing trouble. Ha

    • sryoder says:

      Indeed it did show up, troublemaker.  You still in SE Asia?

      • fredeye s says:

        I miss yodersafloat. I am still here. After retirement in june and fixing up and selling my house I wanted to mix things up. I was watching too much tv. And with the heart meds I’m on they slow my heartrate and. Blood pressure. So i decided to come here. No tv. And to get to town for ” lunner”. Great term… i have to walk a good half hour. Then same back. Up and down three hills. Trying to lose some weight. Seems to be working. I love to eat but when i don’t have snacks in the room it sure makes a difference. The weather here is 75 in the day. Nice. Do you guys still have mexico casita? Lots of work at bisbee house. Wow. I bet it is nice. I love the cooked dead turkey thought each and every thanksgiving. Good memories. I was such a punk. Ha. Thanks for putting up with me. Best to you both.

        Sent from my iPhone

      • sryoder says:

        I’ll send you an e-mail.

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